The Tower in the Sky

7 - Hunting Undead

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen), along with Tast, travel to the village of Ruhan. They head into the tavern, where Davros Myar has asked them to meet him. He also brought Professor Tristan Kroft, Falinor, Codith DeCorros, Galin Gellanthra, Renn Gellanthra, and Tai Sullere.

Professor Kroft tells the PCs that under the care of Duke Myar, he has begun to remember much more. He knows now that the Mind Flayers goal is to free the demon Azazel, and to prevent the PCs from freeing Zahiel. They are working alongside the undead and an orcish tribe that worships Azazel. According to Kroft, Zahiel knew how to defeat Azazel permanently, but he was imprisoned in a Floating Tower. After this, three adventurers (Calik, Serin, and Larathien) sought out Azazel and managed to banish him to another plane; they were killed in the process, according to the story Kroft heard. He also has heard that in order to enter the Tower, two pieces of an artifact must be found. One is missing entirely, but the other is supposedly underneath a Hill that looks like a skull. Galin and Tai agree to search for the Tower in Tai’s airship. Duke Myar sends Falinor and Codith to seek the location of the hill in the physical world. The PCs, Tast, and Renn agree help deal with an undead uprising in Alinor.

The group travels to the location of the undead cavern. During the night, they fight off an attack by orcs. They arrive at the cave and fight off a group of zombies. Deep in the cave, they find a lich. They manage to defeat the Lich. They find a number of magic items, including a deck of cards. They keep drawing cards, with many mysterious things happening to them. Afterwards, they head back to Ruhan. Codith and Falinor arrive back in the village, and inform the PCs that while they were unable to find the Hill, they did find a village full of Mind Flayers.

6 - Drunken Meanderings

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen) dream of the Mysterious Hill again. They get deeper into the hill, but are eventually “killed”. They awaken in their beds in Al Maia. Soshanna receives a note under her door, suggesting she go to the Bloody Axe Tavern in the Lower District and make contact with Drash, an undercover agent in the Red Heaven organization. She decides to go without Izen and VZJ. She meets with Drash, who tells her about a warehouse in the Artisan District that is being used to create the drug.

Meanwhile, Izen and VZJ get bored and decide to go drinking in the Dwarven District.

Soshanna heads to the warehouse to check it out. Two guards in front turn her away. She heads back to their inn to wait for the others to return. After a few hours, VZJ and Izen return to the tavern, extremely drunk, walking arm in arm with a dwarf while singing. They pass out in the inn. The next day, Soshanna informs them of everything going on. The three PCs, as well as their new dwarven friend Tast, head to the warehouse. They kill all of the guards and enter. They find a coded letter, and are able to make out Varin Gellanthra’s name. They find a staircase and head downstairs. In this room, they find a Mind Flayer chained to a wall and injured. VZJ decides to free it. More guards come in to attack the PCs; the Mind Flayer helps them before disappearing. The PCs kill the guards. In the next room, they find vials of blood everywhere; it appears the Red Heaven organization was using the Mind Flayer’s blood to create the drug. Upon leaving the room, they find a group of Al Maian soldiers, who arrest the PCs and bring them before the King. The King reveals that one of the people killed by the PCs was Varin. His instinct is to execute the PCs, but because Galin Gellanthra sent them in the first place, and because Varin was involved with this organization, the King chooses to banish the PCs from Al Maia instead, promising they will be executed if they return.

On the outskirts of town, Tast decides to join the group, having been banished from his home as well. The PCs start walking south when a small gnome appears, delivering a letter. The letter is from Davros Myar, asking the PCs to meet him in the town of Ruhan.

5 - The City of Al Maia

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen) return to Al Maia. During the night, they dream of the Mysterious Hill. The next day, Soshanna and VZJ head out to see Al Maia. Izen is sick and remains in his bed. While walking through the city, they see many people who appear disoriented. Soshanna heads to the marketplace to purchase various supplies. VZJ heads to the Arcane District, where he ends up blowing all his money on a Cloak of Wasps. The two meet up and go to the Entertainment District. They eat dinner at Stilleto’s on the Water, a restaurant on a lake. While there, a messenger brings them invitations from Galin Gellanthra to attend a party the next night.

After dinner, Soshanna goes to the Zoo, while VZJ bizarrely decides he was personally offended by one of the disoriented people and attacks the man. VZJ is arrested by guards. He uses magic to damage the lock on his cell door, but is unable to escape. Soshanna arrives and pays for his release, although she is unwilling to pay to replace the cell door.

The two visit the Coliseum, where they witness Supreme Fighter battling Obsidian. Obsidian wins the fight by cutting off Supreme Fighter’s arm, but healers are on hand to regenerate it.

The next night at the party, Soshanna and VZJ are pulled aside by Galin. He points out his cousin, Varin Gellanthra, and tells them he suspects Varin of being involved with the distribution of Red Heaven, a new drug that has turned up in Al Maia. He asks them to help investigate. The two are introduced to Varin as well as Tai Sullere, Galin’s fiance. She offers to help search for the Floating Tower. Renn Gellanthra and Davros Myar are also at the party. VZJ is hit on by a woman in a red dress.

During the party, screaming is heard from upstairs, and multiple people run down the stairs, attacking Galin, Renn, Varin, and Davros. Soshanna and VZJ help fight them off, but Davros is dragged upstairs. The PCs chase them to the roof, where they find Elcar Ebonfire and his bone dragon, about to kill Myar. He freezes the two with magic. He apologizes to VZJ for having killed Viktor Zexen, VZJ’s father, and apologizes for what he now must do to them. Just as the bone dragon is about to kill VZJ, Saryx arrives and slams into the dragon. The red dragon and bone dragon fight above the rooftops while the PCs fight against Elcar. Eventually, Elcar retreats on the back of the bone dragon.

4 - The Imprisoned Dragon

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen) are called before the King. The King gives each of them a magic item to show his appreciation for rescuing Professor Tristan Kroft. He informs them that Mind Flayers have been seen in a cavern to the southeast.

The PCs head to the southeast and enter the darkened cavern. They are attacked by a group of Wights partway through, and attacked again by a large group of zombies and a Morhg. The PCs manage to defeat them. In the next room, they discover a red dragon. Soshanna and Izen run, but VZJ stays and discovers that the dragon, named Saryx, had been imprisoned. The Mind Flayers were attempting to control her. VZJ frees her, and she promises to help him in the future, as well as seek revenge against those that imprisoned her.

VZJ returns to the other two and is inexplicably attacked and knocked unconscious by Izen. Once the party gets out of the cavern, VZJ awakens and the two begin fighting again. Soshanna manages to seperate the battling children, and they all return to Al Maia.

3 - The Mind Flayers

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen) leave Alinor and head for the capital city, Al Maia, during the night, accompanied by Galin Gellanthra and his remaining guards. During the night, the PCs dream of a mysterious hill. They are able to move within the dream, and find a tunnel on the side of the hill. While investigating it, the ceiling collapses, seemingly killing them. They awaken uninjured.

They eventually reach Al Maia and are taken to see the King, Garet Gellanthra. They ask the King about the Floating Tower…he doesn’t know anything, but suggests they ask Galin, as well as visit the University’s library. Galin doesn’t know anything, but suggests that his fiance, Tai Sullere, might be able to help, as she comes from the floating city of Calador. Jerad Korthyn, Captain of the Kings Guard, sends one of his men, Westin Flintwood, to help the PCs.

The PCs head to the University, where they ask about the Tower and the strange creature that attacked them before Viktor Zexen was killed. The workers at the University don’t know anything, but believe the creature sounds like something Professor Tristan Kroft had been studying. Unfortunately, the professor had gone missing two days ago, and the guards sent after him never returned. The professors assistant went missing at the same time and returned the next day, but he didn’t speak, staring into nothingness similar to the people the PCs had found in the cave. In the professor’s room, they discover a drawing of the creature they had seen before, but the notes the professor had were destroyed.

The PCs head south, the direction the student came from. They are ambushed by orcs half a days ride south. One of the orcs tries to escape, but the PCs kill all of them. They head in the direction the orc was attempting to run toward, and follow the tracks to a clearing, where they find three of the creatures and the professor. The smaller of the three seems to be doing something to the mind of the professor. Before the PCs can go in, the two larger creatures hear a noise to the west and leave the clearing. The PCs charge into the clearing and attack the remaining creature, who assaults them with mental attacks, causing them to see their greatest fears, as well as creating an illusion of them achieving their strongest desires, attempting to keep them stuck in the vision. They eventually manage to knock it out.

Codith DeCorros, a bounty hunter hired by Davros Myar, and Falinor enter the clearing. Codith is carrying the head of one of the creatures, the second one having escaped them. Codith and Falinor head back to Alinor, while the PCs decide to bring the professor and the surviving creature back to Al Maia. However, they don’t actually have any way to keep it tied up (although they totally could have tied it up with one of the whips they had if they had thought of it), and the creature awakens, freezes them with his powers, and escapes.

The PCs reach Al Maia with Professor Kroft and bring him to the healers. During the night, they see another vision of the hill, and find a second tunnel. While investigating this one, the walls close in on them, crushing them. They awaken, again unharmed. The Professor asks to see them, and he tells them that the creatures were attempting to wipe his mind. They partially succeeded, as many things he knew before have been removed from his mind, but the PCs stopped them before they could finish. He tells them what he does remember. The creatures are extremely rare and not known to most people; he came across one by accident years ago, and since then has been collecting rumors and stories from those who claim to have seen one. Most people believe they don’t exist. He named them Mind Flayers due to the mental powers they seem to have and the way they use them. He knows the Mind Flayers have been wiping peoples minds, and he knows they are associated with a tribe of orcs. He also believes they have some association with the undead, which had not been seen in Dotran for over 200 years prior to recent events in Ruhan, but any specifics are missing from his head. He knows that they communicate telepathically, and only “spoke” to him using emotions and pictures projected into his mind. He also believes that they worked for the demon Azazel. He tells them the story of Azazel; that he locked Zahiel in a tower on a floating island, before Azazel himself was banished by the sorceress Larathien, accompanied by Serin and Calik. Neither Azazel, Zahiel, nor the three adventurers has been seen since, and many are not convinced the story is even true at this point. Westin returns to the King to report his findings.

2 - The Orc Cave

Soshanna, Izen, and VZJ dream of the tower on a floating island again. They again hear a voice asking for help, but this time the voice says that he has been imprisoned in the tower by the demon Azazel, and he needs the PCs to free him.

The three awaken where they blacked out. Elcar Ebonfire and the bone dragon are gone. VZJ doesn’t know how he got there. The ring that had been on the finger of Viktor Zexen is now on VZJ’s finger. Davros Myar is unconscious near them. The PCs wake him, and he tells them that he is the Duke of Alinor. He had been out with his guards, investigating rumors of disappearances in his lands.

The PCs and Myar follow the tracks leading from the wagon, still searching for the kids. The tracks lead to a cave. The PCs enter it and start exploring. They run into many orcs here. They discover a room filled with people staring into nothingness. They are alive, but don’t respond to anything. They also find a strange bedroom that doesn’t appear to belong to the orcs.

The PCs eventually find the missing children, as well as a group of townspeople that were taken by the orcs. They return the children and townspeople to Ruhan, and receive, quite generously considering they didn’t even work out an amount, 200 gold. Myar offers to bring the PCs to his castle.

The group heads to Myar’s castle, where the oldest prince and heir to the throne of Dotran, Galin Gellanthra, has just arrived. Myar introduces him to the PCs. He offers to accompany them to the capital city of Al Maia, where they may be able to discover more about what is going on. During the night, a group of guards, some from Myar’s personal guard and some from Galin’s guard, attempt to kill the prince. The PCs help foil the attempt. After the battle, they meet Jerin, the Guard-Captain in Alinor, and Falinor, Myar’s advisor. They decide to head for the capital that night.

1 - Undead Rising

The PCs (Soshanna, Izen, and Viktor Zexen) all dream of a tower on a floating island. They hear a voice begging for help.

The PCs (who did not know each other previously) awaken together in a forest. Everything is unnervingly quiet. They each have a ring they did not previously have. They make their way north to the village of Ruhan. Everyone in the village is scrambling, getting together what weapons they can find in order to defend against an undead attack. The undead haven’t been seen in hundreds of years.

The PCs head to the east part of the village, pushing back an attack by zombies there. However, the zombies also attacked from the north, and the village has fallen back to the Rusty Dagger Inn, the tavern/inn in the town. The villagers barricade the door. The PCs get up onto the roof, where they use kegs of ale and fire to take out most of the zombies, with Soshanna taking out the rest. Nerin, the owner of the Rusty Dagger, gives them free rooms for the night in thanks. During the night, they dream of the tower, again hearing the voice begging for help.

The next morning, Bryn, the mayor of Ruhan, approaches the PCs asking for help. Two kids went missing during the attack, and their bodies haven’t been found. They were believed to be at the north end of town, and there appear to be wagon tracks just outside of town heading along the road. The PCs agree to help in exchange for money (although curiously, they don’t bother to negotiate an actual amount).

The PCs head north and are ambushed by orcs. When they stop for the night, they are again attacked by orcs. Eventually, they reach a crossroads, where they see Davros Myar and two guards fighting a group of orcs, with more orcs coming from a nearby wagon. The two guards are killed but the PCs join in in time to save Davros. During the fight, they hear more fighting coming from the nearby woods past the wagon. As they are finishing off the orcs, a Mind Flayer steps out of the wagon. The PCs draw his attention, and he freezes them in place with a spell. Before he can do anything else to them, Elcar Ebonfire and a large bone dragon step out of the woods, attacking the Mind Flayer and killing it. He looks at the PCs and apologizes to them before ordering the bone dragon to kill them. The bone dragon kills Viktor, and Soshanna and Izen black out.


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