The Tower in the Sky

1 - Undead Rising

The PCs (Soshanna, Izen, and Viktor Zexen) all dream of a tower on a floating island. They hear a voice begging for help.

The PCs (who did not know each other previously) awaken together in a forest. Everything is unnervingly quiet. They each have a ring they did not previously have. They make their way north to the village of Ruhan. Everyone in the village is scrambling, getting together what weapons they can find in order to defend against an undead attack. The undead haven’t been seen in hundreds of years.

The PCs head to the east part of the village, pushing back an attack by zombies there. However, the zombies also attacked from the north, and the village has fallen back to the Rusty Dagger Inn, the tavern/inn in the town. The villagers barricade the door. The PCs get up onto the roof, where they use kegs of ale and fire to take out most of the zombies, with Soshanna taking out the rest. Nerin, the owner of the Rusty Dagger, gives them free rooms for the night in thanks. During the night, they dream of the tower, again hearing the voice begging for help.

The next morning, Bryn, the mayor of Ruhan, approaches the PCs asking for help. Two kids went missing during the attack, and their bodies haven’t been found. They were believed to be at the north end of town, and there appear to be wagon tracks just outside of town heading along the road. The PCs agree to help in exchange for money (although curiously, they don’t bother to negotiate an actual amount).

The PCs head north and are ambushed by orcs. When they stop for the night, they are again attacked by orcs. Eventually, they reach a crossroads, where they see Davros Myar and two guards fighting a group of orcs, with more orcs coming from a nearby wagon. The two guards are killed but the PCs join in in time to save Davros. During the fight, they hear more fighting coming from the nearby woods past the wagon. As they are finishing off the orcs, a Mind Flayer steps out of the wagon. The PCs draw his attention, and he freezes them in place with a spell. Before he can do anything else to them, Elcar Ebonfire and a large bone dragon step out of the woods, attacking the Mind Flayer and killing it. He looks at the PCs and apologizes to them before ordering the bone dragon to kill them. The bone dragon kills Viktor, and Soshanna and Izen black out.



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