The Tower in the Sky

2 - The Orc Cave

Soshanna, Izen, and VZJ dream of the tower on a floating island again. They again hear a voice asking for help, but this time the voice says that he has been imprisoned in the tower by the demon Azazel, and he needs the PCs to free him.

The three awaken where they blacked out. Elcar Ebonfire and the bone dragon are gone. VZJ doesn’t know how he got there. The ring that had been on the finger of Viktor Zexen is now on VZJ’s finger. Davros Myar is unconscious near them. The PCs wake him, and he tells them that he is the Duke of Alinor. He had been out with his guards, investigating rumors of disappearances in his lands.

The PCs and Myar follow the tracks leading from the wagon, still searching for the kids. The tracks lead to a cave. The PCs enter it and start exploring. They run into many orcs here. They discover a room filled with people staring into nothingness. They are alive, but don’t respond to anything. They also find a strange bedroom that doesn’t appear to belong to the orcs.

The PCs eventually find the missing children, as well as a group of townspeople that were taken by the orcs. They return the children and townspeople to Ruhan, and receive, quite generously considering they didn’t even work out an amount, 200 gold. Myar offers to bring the PCs to his castle.

The group heads to Myar’s castle, where the oldest prince and heir to the throne of Dotran, Galin Gellanthra, has just arrived. Myar introduces him to the PCs. He offers to accompany them to the capital city of Al Maia, where they may be able to discover more about what is going on. During the night, a group of guards, some from Myar’s personal guard and some from Galin’s guard, attempt to kill the prince. The PCs help foil the attempt. After the battle, they meet Jerin, the Guard-Captain in Alinor, and Falinor, Myar’s advisor. They decide to head for the capital that night.



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