The Tower in the Sky

7 - Hunting Undead

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen), along with Tast, travel to the village of Ruhan. They head into the tavern, where Davros Myar has asked them to meet him. He also brought Professor Tristan Kroft, Falinor, Codith DeCorros, Galin Gellanthra, Renn Gellanthra, and Tai Sullere.

Professor Kroft tells the PCs that under the care of Duke Myar, he has begun to remember much more. He knows now that the Mind Flayers goal is to free the demon Azazel, and to prevent the PCs from freeing Zahiel. They are working alongside the undead and an orcish tribe that worships Azazel. According to Kroft, Zahiel knew how to defeat Azazel permanently, but he was imprisoned in a Floating Tower. After this, three adventurers (Calik, Serin, and Larathien) sought out Azazel and managed to banish him to another plane; they were killed in the process, according to the story Kroft heard. He also has heard that in order to enter the Tower, two pieces of an artifact must be found. One is missing entirely, but the other is supposedly underneath a Hill that looks like a skull. Galin and Tai agree to search for the Tower in Tai’s airship. Duke Myar sends Falinor and Codith to seek the location of the hill in the physical world. The PCs, Tast, and Renn agree help deal with an undead uprising in Alinor.

The group travels to the location of the undead cavern. During the night, they fight off an attack by orcs. They arrive at the cave and fight off a group of zombies. Deep in the cave, they find a lich. They manage to defeat the Lich. They find a number of magic items, including a deck of cards. They keep drawing cards, with many mysterious things happening to them. Afterwards, they head back to Ruhan. Codith and Falinor arrive back in the village, and inform the PCs that while they were unable to find the Hill, they did find a village full of Mind Flayers.



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