Elcar Ebonfire

The Summoner


Elcar Ebonfire is a summoner. His Eidolon is a bone dragon. He saved the PCs from a Mind Flayer, but then ordered his Eidolon to kill Viktor Zexen, apologizing as he did.


Elcar is a half dragon summoner. His father was human, his mother was a gold dragon. His father murdered Elcar’s mother in her sleep before killing himself. After decades of blaming himself for not realizing his father’s insanity beforehand, he discovered proof that he had been controlled by a group of Mindflayers, worshippers of the demon Azazel. After much investigation, he learned the truth about Azazel. He now seeks to stop Azazel being freed. Davros Myar discovered his existence and hid it from Azazel, choosing to use Elcar as a tool for his own plans.

Elcar Ebonfire

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