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  • Davros Myar

    Davros Myar, Duke of [[Alinor | Alinor]], is fourth in line for the throne of Dotran. He is Duke of the largest Duchy in Dotran. He is well known for funding many medical breakthroughs.

  • Garet Gellanthra

    Garet Gellanthra is the current King of [[Dotran]]. He has two sons, [[:galin-gellanthra | Galin]] and [[:renn-gellanthra | Renn]].

  • Galin Gellanthra

    Galin Gellanthra is the eldest son of King [[:garet-gellanthra | Garet Gellanthra]]. He is the heir to the throne of [[Dotran]]. He has a younger brother, [[:renn-gellanthra | Renn Gellanthra]]. Galin is betrothed to [[:tai-sullere | Tai Sullere]].

  • Renn Gellanthra

    Renn Gellanthra is the youngest son of King [[:garet-gellanthra | Garet Gellanthra]]. He has an older brother, [[:galin-gellanthra | Galin Gellanthra]]. He is second in line for the throne of [[Dotran]].

  • Nerin

    Nerin is the owner of the Rusty Dagger Inn, an inn and tavern in the village of [[Ruhan | Ruhan]].

  • Jerin

    Jerin is the Guard Captain in [[Alinor | Alinor]], working directly for [[:davros-myar | Davros Myar]].

  • Codith DeCorros

    A bounty hunter who works primarily in [[Dotran | Dotran]]. He was recently hired by [[:davros-myar | Davros Myar]] to discover who was behind the attack on [[:galin-gellanthra | Galin Gellanthra]].

  • Tristan Kroft

    Tristan is a professor at Al Maia University. He accidentally came across a [[Mind Flayers | Mind Flayer]] years ago, and since then had been writing a book about them. He was attacked in his room by Mind Flayers, who destroyed much of his work and began …

  • Supreme Fighter

    The Supreme Fighter is the nickname of a gladiator who regularly fights at the Al Maia Coliseum. His real name is unknown.

  • Tast

    Tast is a dwarf from the city of [[Al Maia | Al Maia]]. After an ill conceived night of drinking with [[:izen | Izen]] and [[:vzj | VZJ]], he gets caught up in the attack on the warehouse holding the Red Heaven drug, and is banished from Al Maia. He is …

  • Drash

    Drash is an undercover agent working in the [[Red Heaven | Red Heaven]] organization. He tips [[:sashanna | Soshanna]] off to the location of the warehouse where the drug is being made.

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