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  • Tai Sullere

    Tai Sullere is the daughter of [[:loret-sullere | Loret Sullere]], Lord of [[Calador]]. She has a twin brother, [[:ortai-sullere | Ortai]], who was born minutes before her. She is the captain of the [[Sky Serpent]]. She is promised to [[:galin-gellanthra …

  • Loret Sullere

    Loret Sullere is the Lord of [[Calador]]. He has two children, [[:tai-sullere | Tai]] and [[:ortai-sullere | Ortai]].

  • Ortai Sullere

    Ortai Sullere is the son and heir of [[:loret-sullere | Loret Sullere]], Lord of [[Calador]]. He has a twin sister, [[:tai-sullere | Tai]]; the two are known as the Sky Twins.

  • Rayad Tanith

    Rayad Tanith is the Lord of [[The Withering Woods]], in the country of [[Teranon]]. He is known as the Withering Lord.

  • Westin Kaine

    Westin Kaine, also known as the Mountain Lord, is the current Lord of the [[Ibynian Mountains]].

  • Caril Tarcen

    Caril Tarcen, also known as The Border Lord, is the current lord of [[The Borderlands]]. His father, [[:adell-tarcen | Adell Tarcen]], is the current High Lord of [[Teranon]].

  • Gareth Guice

    Gareth Guice, also known as The Summer Lord, is the current lord of [[The Summer Fields]].

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