The Tower in the Sky

4 - The Imprisoned Dragon

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen) are called before the King. The King gives each of them a magic item to show his appreciation for rescuing Professor Tristan Kroft. He informs them that Mind Flayers have been seen in a cavern to the southeast.

The PCs head to the southeast and enter the darkened cavern. They are attacked by a group of Wights partway through, and attacked again by a large group of zombies and a Morhg. The PCs manage to defeat them. In the next room, they discover a red dragon. Soshanna and Izen run, but VZJ stays and discovers that the dragon, named Saryx, had been imprisoned. The Mind Flayers were attempting to control her. VZJ frees her, and she promises to help him in the future, as well as seek revenge against those that imprisoned her.

VZJ returns to the other two and is inexplicably attacked and knocked unconscious by Izen. Once the party gets out of the cavern, VZJ awakens and the two begin fighting again. Soshanna manages to seperate the battling children, and they all return to Al Maia.



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