The Tower in the Sky

5 - The City of Al Maia

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen) return to Al Maia. During the night, they dream of the Mysterious Hill. The next day, Soshanna and VZJ head out to see Al Maia. Izen is sick and remains in his bed. While walking through the city, they see many people who appear disoriented. Soshanna heads to the marketplace to purchase various supplies. VZJ heads to the Arcane District, where he ends up blowing all his money on a Cloak of Wasps. The two meet up and go to the Entertainment District. They eat dinner at Stilleto’s on the Water, a restaurant on a lake. While there, a messenger brings them invitations from Galin Gellanthra to attend a party the next night.

After dinner, Soshanna goes to the Zoo, while VZJ bizarrely decides he was personally offended by one of the disoriented people and attacks the man. VZJ is arrested by guards. He uses magic to damage the lock on his cell door, but is unable to escape. Soshanna arrives and pays for his release, although she is unwilling to pay to replace the cell door.

The two visit the Coliseum, where they witness Supreme Fighter battling Obsidian. Obsidian wins the fight by cutting off Supreme Fighter’s arm, but healers are on hand to regenerate it.

The next night at the party, Soshanna and VZJ are pulled aside by Galin. He points out his cousin, Varin Gellanthra, and tells them he suspects Varin of being involved with the distribution of Red Heaven, a new drug that has turned up in Al Maia. He asks them to help investigate. The two are introduced to Varin as well as Tai Sullere, Galin’s fiance. She offers to help search for the Floating Tower. Renn Gellanthra and Davros Myar are also at the party. VZJ is hit on by a woman in a red dress.

During the party, screaming is heard from upstairs, and multiple people run down the stairs, attacking Galin, Renn, Varin, and Davros. Soshanna and VZJ help fight them off, but Davros is dragged upstairs. The PCs chase them to the roof, where they find Elcar Ebonfire and his bone dragon, about to kill Myar. He freezes the two with magic. He apologizes to VZJ for having killed Viktor Zexen, VZJ’s father, and apologizes for what he now must do to them. Just as the bone dragon is about to kill VZJ, Saryx arrives and slams into the dragon. The red dragon and bone dragon fight above the rooftops while the PCs fight against Elcar. Eventually, Elcar retreats on the back of the bone dragon.



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