The Tower in the Sky

6 - Drunken Meanderings

The PCs (Soshanna, VZJ, and Izen) dream of the Mysterious Hill again. They get deeper into the hill, but are eventually “killed”. They awaken in their beds in Al Maia. Soshanna receives a note under her door, suggesting she go to the Bloody Axe Tavern in the Lower District and make contact with Drash, an undercover agent in the Red Heaven organization. She decides to go without Izen and VZJ. She meets with Drash, who tells her about a warehouse in the Artisan District that is being used to create the drug.

Meanwhile, Izen and VZJ get bored and decide to go drinking in the Dwarven District.

Soshanna heads to the warehouse to check it out. Two guards in front turn her away. She heads back to their inn to wait for the others to return. After a few hours, VZJ and Izen return to the tavern, extremely drunk, walking arm in arm with a dwarf while singing. They pass out in the inn. The next day, Soshanna informs them of everything going on. The three PCs, as well as their new dwarven friend Tast, head to the warehouse. They kill all of the guards and enter. They find a coded letter, and are able to make out Varin Gellanthra’s name. They find a staircase and head downstairs. In this room, they find a Mind Flayer chained to a wall and injured. VZJ decides to free it. More guards come in to attack the PCs; the Mind Flayer helps them before disappearing. The PCs kill the guards. In the next room, they find vials of blood everywhere; it appears the Red Heaven organization was using the Mind Flayer’s blood to create the drug. Upon leaving the room, they find a group of Al Maian soldiers, who arrest the PCs and bring them before the King. The King reveals that one of the people killed by the PCs was Varin. His instinct is to execute the PCs, but because Galin Gellanthra sent them in the first place, and because Varin was involved with this organization, the King chooses to banish the PCs from Al Maia instead, promising they will be executed if they return.

On the outskirts of town, Tast decides to join the group, having been banished from his home as well. The PCs start walking south when a small gnome appears, delivering a letter. The letter is from Davros Myar, asking the PCs to meet him in the town of Ruhan.



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